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Playing with FramerX, learning how to create the code components and the design features. The best way to learn is to look the code from other components and take what you need. Boom.

So far this BottomSheet code component inspirited on Maps by Apple. WIP! I hope be able so publish the code into the Framer Store later this week.

Hello all! First time poster here. This is part of a series I'm currently working on where I explore combinations of architectonic elements in a moving grid as a way to create spatial compositions. I use time to drive a lot of the parameters of my system, and animations help me explore options that have continuous values.

Additionally, I made a twitter thread to show the modules used in isolation:

Here is a screen grab ungraded from a film I’m shooting this month. This is the final boss battle scene in a “VR world” - when our main character puts on the goggles we as the audience see the world she spawns into. This frame is back lit by the sun, G300 gazer, 2x Aputure Tri-8c’s camera left at 2300k raking across camera right. Shot in Low Light mode on the limited edition Red Gemini 5k. This camera was developed and used in space to shoot the orbiting Tesla. Enjoy. For more hit up my IG @joshknepper

Super plain Jane, but for a quick text overlay for the video I'm adding things to. Added little touches like:

• Rubber-banding the middle bar
• Some overshooting with the text movement
• Subtle pulses for emphasis when checking things off

Quietly proud of how the shield logo fades in somewhat unnoticed since there's a lot going on in "center stage" plus with how the waterfall of timing is sequenced.

_**P.S.** Markdown support would be super dope 😉_