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Saying goodbye to a great 2018!

The past year has been an amazing one, but before getting into the details, I’d love to share some thoughts on 2017 as I have been struggling to talk about i...

As some of you may know, I like to share some personal posts… this is another one.

Before setting goals for this year, I took some time out to reflect on last year 🙂

How was your year? What worked? What not? What are the goals for this new year? Do you do yearly goals? Multi-year goals?

Have a great day!

My favorite Design books

I often get asked about Design book recommendations, so I’ve put together a few of my favorite ones that somehow helped me to grow as a designer. You’ll noti...

I often get asked about 📚 Design book recommendations, so I’ve put together a few of my favorite ones that somehow helped me to grow as a designer. Hope you find it useful! 🤓

I'll keep updating the list as I remember/discover more.

ps: tell me your favorite ones, please!

Sharing some good readings and also getting more suggestions.

I want to know what books impacted you at a personal and professional level (design ones preferred)

Fixing myself as a maker

One of my biggest fears and a big source of frustration as a maker has been taking things too seriously. Things are never good enough, I can’t make decisions...

What about feedback on drafts before posting to the public?

I'm trying to get back to writing and I'm starting to share some basic articles with some friends before exposing them in public or linking them from the homepage of my website.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this particular text. Something I've been thinking and talking about lately with some folks on Twitter (hi Pasquale).

We keep making progress on the Race Calculator side project.

In this daily update, we're putting together the input controls, the results' table and porting the JavaScript prototype into React components.

Check it out:

I'm trying to find a good compromise between something appealing but compact enough to show a lot of density of information on the results table.

I'd love to hear more ideas on how to display a compact enough table of times and also how you'd highlight the column with the desired pace time (selected by the user).

I'm also open to other aesthetics suggestions.

I’m trying to map the basic elements that would be needed in order to have the race calculator. I don’t feel 100% convinced of what should be the right approach: asking the user what they need to know (pace VS total time) or just give all the option and let them figure out. At this point, I’m towards defaulting to set a pace that would generate the total time and they would be able to switch from a pivot to the other option.

I’m sharing some rough sketches of the process from my notebook and incoming progress in this kind of worklog:

Putting some color in a pretty neutral theme.

We're automatically generating some documentation. I'm trying to put some fun into all this neutral theme when hovering the logo. I'm using a CSS filter so it varies the different colors independently of the logo used.

Do you have any better ideas that would scale to different types of logos?

Free opportunities to become a Software Developer

The Odin Project: the all-around program When we talk about The Odin Project, we’re probably talking about one of the most inspiring and complete online curr...

After some time helping my spouse to get into the Software Development industry, I've found a few interesting online/offline initiatives and I'd love to put together a list of the best places to make a career change and start coding and building things.

I'm especially interested in programs that promote equal opportunities.

I'd also love to know more about your thoughts, recommendations, and tips to share with people that are starting with this.

Thanks in advance, I love you!

Trying to gather a list of the best places to start learning to code and making things.

More online programs, especially the ones that promote equal opportunities in the IT industry.

When thinking about the visual execution of new projects I always start with the basic unit of information which is the text and its type ramp. I'm also going back to native fonts since they run fast as hell though I may take the license to use Montserrat for big bold titles when representing the time and other cool data about your running stats.

I'm preparing along with my spouse a pet project that would let people calculate the race pace and total time when running races. It's the perfect excuse to do two things:

- She'd keep improving her front-end skills
- I'd create a small kit of components to build pet projects faster for myself

I'd keep you posted!