How your are creating .ico files on Mac?

Looking for app/workflow to can combine multiple images (16.png, 32.png, 64.png etc.) into single .ico file for Windows app.

Searched for apps, but most of them seem to just downscale single image for every size - I want ability to fine-tune every size.

Tried Gimp (it has some .ico export options), yet it fucks up alpha channels (or I use wrong settings / source images...)

visited keyframes.net today and thought, that logo in the center would look nice, so decided to see if it's true :) Had to "cheat" and find to put someething in the left side. "info" was good candidate - thought that it will make sense to separate "account" corner from "site's" corner. Following the same logic about "site's" corner, thought that chat could go there too. This is bigger hack than moving "info" to the left. Yet this makes right and left corners more symetrical and makes logo "really" centered. I also liked, how I could drop chat block header and ditech additional background and minimize them to at least 3. (damn it's hard to type long message into snapper's share box... and I'm afraid to press "return" to create new paragraph, thinking it will probably gonna post unfinished message). Glad, that finally found time to post something here :wave:

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