Brian King


I help cars see.


After being raised and educated for filmmaking and camera-related stuff, I'm now full-time at a tech company as literally the only person that knows how to use Adobe Creative Suite.

I don't get to make a lot of movies here.

Paid thing: Who wants to texture a pretty simple 3D object?

I have a full Solidworks model (VRML) of the exterior of my company's product, but I need it to be simplified and textured so that I can work with it in Cinema 4D and Unity.

The device is pretty simple. It has about eight faces and is made out of aluminum and plastic with a couple glass panes. I just don't know how to deal with the complexity of the object that Solidworks spat out.

If anybody wants to take on this quick gig for pay, let me know. An NDA would be required.

Blurry circle monochrome art?

I can't even think of a good way to google this style, but I want to do it for a piece of merchandise. Need to figure out where to find examples and maybe find tutorials.

The look is black and white half-tone circles. Some are big, some are small, some of them are big with small halftone dots around the circumference to make things look fuzzy.

If you step back and look at the image, you can tell what it is in kind of a blurry, foggy way. If you get in close, it's just a ton of blurry dots.

This style is probably popular with images of skulls.

I don't know illustrator, yet here I am working on a logo for a product line. I've become the lone "designer" at my company, even though they hired me to make movies.

They won't let me hire a designer yet.

Captured with Snapper App

The outline is the shape of the THING that we make. I got sick of seeing the name "h-series" as boring text on all of our marketing material.

I need help with making the corners good. The angle on the left is intentional, but my shitty corners on the right are not. Maybe font suggestions?