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and this is what I played around a bit with yesterday ... kinda liking it more at the moment. I also moved the header labels a bit more inward and away from the center placement. I am thinking I may add a collapse/show functionality to the header eventually so that was my reasoning. I also kinda like it a bit more on the side than the center. This update feels more aligned. Thank you

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Stick to a native iOS / Apple look while being trendy with cards / rounded objects.

is it cool for you to see these cells with spacing between? would you rather have them be grouped into tighter sections again? does it matter at this point? any suggestions welcome. Cross platform look isn't my goal btw. Thanks <3

Giving Sublime Merge a shot. I am not a fan of using GUIs where CLI does the job way better but the guys at Sublime know a thing or two about making tools... or at least it seems that they care and think about it... So I figured at least I will give it a shot for now!

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How do you feel about using Markdown format for writing ✍️ ?

Do you even recall what Markdown is? Another tech buzzword?

As someone on the nerdy side, I’ve really come to love Markdown for all of my writing.

I don’t use any m$ W0rd or g00gl3 d0cs products much for such tasks. Nowadays, I write everything using markdown. (Also allows me to work offline.)

I think tools like Bear, iA writer really made writing in Markdown a pleasure. So, to me, it appears that Markdown is moving mainstream and is becoming less scary to an avg user.

How do you, dear user, feel towards using Markdown for writing? Do you use it?

I know everyone writes and takes notes every single day. So I’m curious to hear your opinion(s)

❤️ And have a wonderful Thursday (or whatever day you’re reading this on ;-))