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Giving Sublime Merge a shot. I am not a fan of using GUIs where CLI does the job way better but the guys at Sublime know a thing or two about making tools... or at least it seems that they care and think about it... So I figured at least I will give it a shot for now!

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How do you feel about using Markdown format for writing ✍️ ?

Do you even recall what Markdown is? Another tech buzzword?

As someone on the nerdy side, I’ve really come to love Markdown for all of my writing.

I don’t use any m$ W0rd or g00gl3 d0cs products much for such tasks. Nowadays, I write everything using markdown. (Also allows me to work offline.)

I think tools like Bear, iA writer really made writing in Markdown a pleasure. So, to me, it appears that Markdown is moving mainstream and is becoming less scary to an avg user.

How do you, dear user, feel towards using Markdown for writing? Do you use it?

I know everyone writes and takes notes every single day. So I’m curious to hear your opinion(s)

❤️ And have a wonderful Thursday (or whatever day you’re reading this on ;-))