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Posting your WIP in public on Keyframes is awesome because you can get #feedback from people outside your circles.

However, the reality is that some projects and ideas are secret, and you might not want them to appear in the public stream. Soooooo.... we just added Private Posts to Keyframes, so you can collect feedback on a secret link.

It's available now for Plus members.

Here's a super duper secret private post you can peep at, to see it in action:

⭐️ What the heck are stars?

You may have noticed a little star and a number next to your profile picture.

Stars represent Karma on Keyframes. You can give and receive Karma to your fellow Keyframers by clicking the star on a post or comment. Leave as many as you like.

Run outta Karma? Don't worry, you can always receive more by being active on Keyframes!

Now we notify you about mentions / comments / karma on Keyframes.
We give you granular control. Get them as them instantly, as a daily digest, or not at all. 🤗

You can make adjustments in your settings

Shout out to @kyle for helping this happen.

Do you have enough control? Do you want more or less of something? Anything else you'd like to see?

We made a video explaining how #feedback works. Great feedback comes from a two way street. Show this to your friends when you're telling them why Keyframes is special!

Heya peeps!

We just released the first version of Snapper. It's a really fast and fun way to share what you're working on.

To use it:
• Download and install the menubar app
• Log in
• Hit the shortcut command + shift + 0 and snap a pic.

The pic will post to Keyframes! Check out all the snaps posted with snapper so far.

Do it as much as you like. Share to get feedback, share inspiration, or just share cool things that happen on your computer.

Windows version coming soon.

🐟 HAVE FUN, and happy snappin'!

What do you want in an animation community?

Twitter and Instagram are fine places to share your work with a broad audience, but not a great place to get feedback, ask questions, and generally hang out with other animators.

Many of the forums that exist today are old, gnarly vbulletin forums that feel like your mom's basement.

We want to build something really great for animators to mingle with each other.

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