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More PostPost logo ideas I've had on the burner. I need some help carving a better direction here.

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I'm trying to develop an original wordmark concept for PostPost, an small digital studio and publication.

I like the extended bar on the upper "P". I tried balancing it with extending something on the lower right but can't get anything to feel right. Would love some direction.

Exploring a little hover animation on the Keyframes mark.

I'm trying to infuse some playfulness into the Desktop app when you hover over the main logomark.

I would love to know what folks thing of this interaction. Is it annoying? Does it work? Is it too much?

The app icon I landed on for Keyframes macOS (thus far) is the 3rd one from the left. Not 100% sold on it, but wanted to get some feedback. Still exploring.

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I'm trying to develop an icon that feels true to Keyframes and captures it's playful delight, and that also feels at place in the macOS dock. I know this can be pushed further but I was hacking around late last night and wanted to have something to get the alpha going.

What is working, what is not? Specifically, should the direction try to infuse the shape-faces and bring more personality in? If so, how.

I'm working on a macOS electron app for Keyframes. It'll be open sourced later today. Trying to give back to the community here and help create something awesome together.

Here is the repo:

You can download the 0.1.0 binary here:

I would love feedback on this.

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I'm trying to build a native Electron macOS app for the Keyframes community.

I could specifically use feedback about the application functionality, and app icon. This is all very much a WIP.

This is a mark I'm playing with for a future publication (called PostPost). I started by playing with some type in Figma. Would love thoughts/suggestions.

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I'm trying to create a simple, iconic mark to encapsulate a publication I want to launch in the future called PostPost.

I would love feedback on the weight, balance, and visual harmony of the mark and the overall direction?

A theme I've created based on NYTimes typography (in progress).

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I'm trying to create a writing theme that elevates the writing experience, with clear delineations of different attributes in the written document.

I would love general feedback on the visual direction and readability.