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Born yesterday. I make sites, apps, and videos.

Can't believe we're all just whipping our docks out like this.

That second Chrome + the Asana app are SSBs via Epichrome. I have the former for a 2nd company that has different logins for a lot of stuff I often use, and then use Browser Fairy to auto-route most links for that company into that browser.

How do you manage storing and sharing footage?

There are 3 people on my team that do most of the work w/ our video files. Lately that means 4K footage shot in RAW. They work out of the office at least half of the time, otherwise at home/etc.

We used to just use a hard drive for every project, but that made it tricky when multiple people needed access at once.

We switched to a NAS in the office and only copy stuff over to external drives when needed. But it lags a lot when actively serving stuff to more than 1 person at a time, so the bottleneck mostly persists.

We've also tried creating proxies for everything through Premiere and working from those via Dropbox sync. This seems like the ideal solution in theory. Maybe we're dumb (probably), but in practice this has been buggy and unreliable.

We don't use AVID or any of that kind of fancy library management stuff. Maybe we should.

Seems like a lot of folks on here might wrestle with this kind of thing. I'm curious, how do *you* do it?

Neat little interactive video thing. Model taken from the facility engineer's remarkably detailed CAD file. Styled and animated in Blender. Exported to video, embedded in this little chunk of HTML and controlled via JS. Had some help w/ Blender and the JS stuff, neither of which I'm amazing at myself.

Not quite finished, but staging copy is at http://windshear.pricelessmisc.com/#facility

Maybe a little over the top but it was fun!

Trying to visualize a fairly abstract thing, and list out its key specs, in a way that doesn't feel like reading a technical manual (cuz that's already available by request). Basically help an already-somewhat-savvy customer of this kind of thing quickly determine if it's for them.

Sacrificing clarity for flash? Text sizing/proportion? Movement from point to point? Usability? Generally I'm just too close to it anymore to see it objectively.