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Active Fresh

Anyone remember MADBALLS??

I thought it might be a fun ongoing casual project to make my own in ZBrush / Blender etc - then post them to Sketchfab.

Random theme / name each month - share on the first of the month.

Also - can anyone recommend a good place to collect shared artwork?
Like Tumblr, but not so lame.

Community art challenge for casual sculpting fun.

A site / service to easily share artwork from twitter / instagram etc

Essential Graphics

This may seem like a pretty noob question, but does anyone know of a way to use After Effects Essential Graphics to replace a jpeg image asset in a template.
Basically i have about 110 slides of speakers that need to pop up at a conference. A lot of the info is the same but speaker image and name will need to change for sure. I want to make a template to use in premiere but cant work out how to add a property to swap out the jpeg of the speaker.
Anyone well versed in essential graphics panel can tell me if this is even possible???

Best way to display number of selected objects in a Status Bar?

I am thinking ways to display number of selected objects on my application Status Bar.
The application is basically a gird view of objects and I intend to show the number of objects listed as well as the number of objects selected by the User.

I browsed through multiple apps and found various implementations e.g.
Windows Explorer - (100 items, 2 selected)
Gmail - 2 of 100
Powerpoint - Slide 1 of 10
MacOS Finder - 2 of 100 selected
Ubuntu - 100 items

I couldn't clearly derive a best approach. Some applications are using Items and Selected keys, some show just the numbers.

What do you guys think. From a user's point of view, what is more relatable?