Disabling paste on passwords?

Does macOS disable paste on password fields by default? Asking, because I noticed Keyframes' Snapper has paste disabled on passwords and given that a good practice is to have one-off passwords for every service generated using a password manager (meaning: complicated), typing them in is what hell is made of.


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  1. MacOS doesn't do that. Installed Snapper this morning and noticed the same thing, you can paste by right-clicking in the field and selecting "paste". It's probably a bug.

  2. I had the same problem, ended up with generating a shorter password. Thought it's intended behaviour but if it's a bug then it should be fixed.

  3. Correct assumption. OS X, unlike iOS, doesn't have editing suite (cut/copy/paste) enabled by default in certain circumstances for (NS)TextField(s). And Rik also found the bypass that I suggested way back when. Unfortunately that was in Chat way way way back. That was fixed a little while back just not shipped public yet 😅

  4. Just noticed that @pasquale added the beta link in the chat so I figured I'd inform you as well. Download the beta 👉 https://keyframes.net/snapper/beta it should be a better experience for you ✅

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