Hello Keyframes,

I've started learning Swift for macOS dev recently. And this is one of my recent projects. Simple pattern generator that uses regular Unicode symbols (including Emoji).

It is still pretty much a work in progress. Currently trying to figure out how to make a decent symbol picker.


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  1. Nice — when you copy it to the clipboard, what is it actually copying (png, jpeg, svg, html/css)?

  2. @spjpgrd it copies an image, that can be then pasted into Sketch as Pattern Fill for example. Here's a short screencap of this: https://twitter.com/darkwark/status/1034496297355632640

    I will probably add a proper Export button with some options in the future. I just don't know how to work with the file system in Cocoa yet, hehe

  3. Was following along with this on twitter Kamil! This is awesome. Any favorite resources for Swift for Mac btw?

  4. This is something that I didn't know I needed. It looks very fun to play around with!

    When do you think it will be ready?

  5. @pasquale it is a bit sad, but most of the resources I found are either abandoned or outdated. But some of them are still relevant.

    So, there's raywenderlich's macOS section:
    (some of their tutorials are a bit complicated for beginners though)

    There's also a blog about Core Animation Layers:

    There are few youtube channels about Cocoa, but this guy posts videos with the most recent versions of Swift/Xcode:

    Other than that, Apple has a pretty extensive (archived) library with good tutorials on everything. Sadly, it requires some knowledge of Objective-C:

    And there's WWDC video library:

    Good news is you can read tutorials about iOS and translate them to macOS. It works for stuff like Core Graphics, Core Animation and so on. You'll have to modify the code, but general concepts are the same.

    I'm always in the process of finding new resources about Swift for macOS, so if someone has good suggestions — let me know.

  6. @jon well, I don't have any ETA yet. Honestly, I don't even know how to name this app, hehe. But I'm glad you found it interesting! I'd love to release a beta-version first and get some initial feedback. We'll see how it goes.

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  8. What a fun idea! What if you allowed for layering patterns? Like different emoji with different offsets. Could make for some cool effects.

  9. @rolf ooh, thanks for sharing! Going to read it. Can't get enough of Core Graphics! Fun stuff.

    @jacob thank you! Layers support sounds interesting! But it adds more complexity to the app, and since I'm just learning stuff, I try to keep everything simple. I'll consider it for future versions though, once I polish everything out in the current feature list.

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  11. This would be so useful for identity systems if you could paste in an svg

  12. @jeffh I want to add support for custom images as input eventually. It's just easier to work with Emoji & Symbols at this stage.

  13. Any possibility to download a beta?

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