PLEASE help!
Any suggestions on a quick way to create this effect with one text layer?
I have over 50 titles to animate in this style :/
I tried kerning by word but i must be doing something wrong...
I thought this would be an easy project but now im stuck..


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  1. You can do this with the text animation tools in AE. Should be some tuts out there to get you started if you aren't familiar.

  2. Hmmm.. well if you wanted to do it by character, you could animate the kern property in After Effects.

  3. Otherwise, you might need an expression to target and change the kerning between words

  4. Should be do-able with the typewriter effect in after effects? You can have it type in by word, and add an anchor point thingie (not sure what it called properly sorry) to it from the "add" menu to change the anchor point of each word, and play around with the smooth and ease high and low settings. I could go into more detail if necessary but reckon that would work :)

  5. If you use the text animator in AE, set your starting position and opacity, then under advanced make sure it's set to words for your spacing. After that use the range selector to animate it on.

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  7. Add-on: use animation composer, it wont need any keyframe. you can finish your project in 2 hours.

  8. I use TextEvo for somrthing like this.

  9. Hi! You can use processing for this. I see smoothsteps eases for different words alpha and horizontal positions. Then you can interpolate between a zero alpha/zero horizontal position to its destination, with smoothsteps for a nice ease. Sketched out code here for you to play with:

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  11. Thanks for all your comments. I ended up going with TextEvo. It wasnt the easiest but once setup, rolled it out accross all of them neatly.

  12. NathanD, i will try your method properly soon when i have more time, thanks!

  13. @waihong i do use Mr horse but i couldnt find a preset to replicate that motion

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