Any feedback on how could I tweak/harmonize the color scheme?

These are the colors in the "theme" I'm using now, plus some randomized ones:

purple: 'rgba(41,42,109,1)',
softPurple: 'rgba(41,42,109,0.1)',
backgroundPink: 'rgba(219, 112, 190, 0.65)',
paleVioletRed: 'rgba(219, 112, 147, 1)',
softLime: 'rgba(0,255,0,0.6)',
brightAzureBlue: 'rgba(116, 227, 236, 1)',


extreme explosion of bright LSD vibe colors, maximum range

the composition, color palette


Fresh Top
  1. forgot to mention that the colors you see in the pie charts correspond to the brand colors of the metrics used inside project, e.g. soundcloud orange, youtube red, twitter blue...also quite a challenge, maybe should tweak them a bit to have the original brand color as a starting point but "harmonized"/pasteled somehow to fit the overall theme. using the library to do some on-the-fly color calculations

  2. I'm not familiar with the project so I won't comment on the UX/layout but it seems like you have two different styles clashing together: retro/pixel-art and gradients.

    Maybe you can get rid of the gradients and double down on the pixel-art/trippy style?

    Cameron's World could be a great (but over the top) reference for this:

  3. Cheers - I think what you refer to as pixel art are the project cover art images (the app is a tool for presenting interactive music compositions). They change for each user so you could have anything there. It's kind of challenging in that sense, maybe I should extract the dominant colors for each and have the colors adapt to each user's colors 🤔

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