Working on some basic transitions for the new Blog archive… thoughts? I'm considering having nothing but giving some life to the plain list seems interesting.

I think it would be even better once I got a lot of posts there :)


Fresh Top
  1. It's very clean, I like the font, spacing and colors. Nice job!

  2. Thanks, Human! The sans-serif is literally the system font with a good negative space and type ramp

  3. That's really pleasant! I wonder how it would feel if you moved the date too, so the whole cell feels effected by the shift?

  4. Do you know if most of your visitors are using desktop or mobile?

  5. ^ (sorry I meant if they are using one more than the other, I think we know that are using one of those options)

  6. @pasqule that would help me relive the days of Flash site menus with that ripple effect 💖

  7. @pasquale I was thinking about that too… it probably would feel a bit more natural but on the other hand I kind of dig the intention of putting more emphasis on the title and not the secondary info

  8. @Blair I don't know that!

  9. FYI super cool trick to only do hovers on desktop:
    @media (pointer: fine) { // css here }


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