Hello guys!
This is my first attempt at cell shading in C4D. I was trying to achieve flat 2D look but using 3D. Pretty happy with how the "water" turned out, however not so pleased with the floor animation. It feels to much like a wipe and not a transition element :/ Has anyone got any ideas on how to make it more graphic? :)


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  1. Dang, we gotta get the imgur gif previews to turn up here properly!

  2. Hm, how about adding some sorta fractal noise displacement to the tile wipe?

  3. Could do it in conjunction with a luma matte?

  4. Cool idea with the koi fish. What's the context for them? Is it part of the branding?

  5. Feels great as soon as those fishies come in. The effect you've got along with the fishies seems like it could possibly work well for the floor overall? I think it's the pattern/geomtricness of the floor that's really feeling out of place to me.

  6. @wojtek just a personal project while studio is having some downtime. The idea came while i was learning how to create a rig in 3D. Basically just create a simple fish rig and make everything look as 2D as possible.

  7. @mattwel yeah maybe I should loose that transition at all, and just keep the floor in place for the whole loop. Hmm...

  8. @alexsandras that's fair. It's got a lot goin on in that half second

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