Thanks to @jruck for the titleBar suggested brand changes. Trying it on for size.

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Fresh Top
  1. I wonder how it would look centered in the title bar instead of near the traffic lights?

  2. ^ Was gonna say that!

    Also does Electron make it easy to change the vertical alignment of those buttons? If so would it be weird if they were centered? Like, etc.

  3. + 1 I think vert centering could be great if it's not a pain the buttcheeks in electron

  4. @jruck @pasquale So vert centering of the traffic light buttons are sort-of possible by using the hiddenInset attribute in Electron, however it merely gives them padding. The entire .navbar would need to get shrunk to condense it to vertically center it properly. There is no way to manipulate the traffic lights in CSS.

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