Working on the first scene of my wedding invitation video, still a long way to go.
Design by my soon-to-be-wife. animated by me.


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  1. I love that you’re making an invite video together, so cool

  2. Thanks Jacob 😁. My gf is a graphic designer and illustrator. So we're doing something together for our day.

  3. Any tips to achieve something like this guys?

  4. Animation power couple! Nice 👍

  5. Congratulations! Specially for the company!! 👍

  6. Love the subtle camera move! Adds in some very nice depth. Nice teamwork!

  7. Woaaah thanks for the appreciation guys. ❤️

  8. AH This is awesome. Love the lil hex lensflare. Really ties the sunset together.

  9. If we promise not to turn up at your wedding can we see the finished video once it's done? (I personally can't promise anything)

  10. @tom hahahaha I will upload it to youtube or vimeo after our wedding.

  11. btw, I'm using duik for the parralax effects. I'm using the 2D camera multiplane, the reason, I wanna keep my layers 2D. and using Lens (duik 15) to animate the lensflare.

  12. I like the lens flair as well! It caught my eye at the end of the loop.

  13. Wedding invitation goals! <3

  14. yay!! lovely! another husband and wife animator designer couple! husband and i run a studio together... and, i love sharing my passion and daily work with him. Nothing better than the feeling of admiring and collaborating with your significant other... and i can see there are more and more studios (or duos) of couples in this line of business 😍💛... how cool is that??? very cool.Your invitation is looking perfect so far!!!!

  15. Awww... Thank you all for the kind words. Agreed with @analia nothing better than the feeling of admiring each other. 😙😘😘. I'll share the full video here when it's finished. 🤘


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