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  1. ps. yes I know the circle label with text in the middle looks odd -- but I do have a square with rounded corners and centered text. So might have to look at icons if I want perfect center... not sure why it looks off...

  2. Can you describe what's happening on each screen?

    Just from a completely visual perspective, my first suggestion is that all touch elements need to be larger.. they seem too tiny to be interacted with easily. Take the slider controls on the third screen for example - they are going to be nearly impossible to adjust.

    If you can give a bit more info about what these screens do we can comment on both form and function.

  3. thanks for the feedback @koushik

    I'm mostly posting my work in progress here to document my thinking and my progression more than anything. Keyframes makes it nice in a sense that I get to see "versions". Everywhere else that I track my visual progress its not version controlled. So this is my way of doing it for now.

    Anywho, I'm in the process of adding a few trackers to my already existing app (dailyvibes.ca). I'm trying to make the UI make sense to ME while maintaining usability as compared to similar apps or ideas from similar apps.

    Some of my thinking:
    - Each item (say mood) is rated on a scale from 0 to 10 at the moment.
    - Each item starts with a "neutral vote of 5"
    - Each "entry" as an aggregate of multiple items (the total number gives you the color for the cell)
    - Each "day" as an aggregate of entries (minimum of 3 - morning, day, evening). Similarly as for entries, the total number for the day gives you the border of the cell for the day.

    Use case for a new entry:
    - open tracker screen in the app
    - click + button
    - enter current record for mood/motivation/etc.
    - press save
    - go about doing your day

    Use case to view a day:
    - open tracker screen in the app
    - view a list of days
    - click on the day that you want to view
    - view a list of entries for that day

    Use case to view a specific entry data:
    - open tracker screen in the app
    - view a list of days
    - click on the day that you want to view
    - view a list of entries for that day
    - tap on the entry that you want to view
    - cell expands with granular data

    (future) Use case to view granular progress:
    - open tracker screen app
    - see a visual of some sort displaying a color coded progress
    - flip between: day, week, month, year?
    - not ready for this ...

    More thoughts:
    - So my biggest struggle at the moment is making sense for myself of the data. At the moment, numbers don't make sense to me on the whole; so I am trying to hide them from the UI while still using them.

    Trying to see what I am trying to make through this process and hopefully this gives some ideas of what I am doing 🤪

  4. forgot to add -- the controls you see in 3rd screen would be READ only. I much rather prefer them to delete it.


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