To improve the spatial sense of the transition, we decided to try nixing the carousel and make the plan details card fullscreen

Does this feel better than the previous transition? Any other thoughts?


Fresh Top
  1. This is really cool, I love the way the illustrative elements transition between the screens!

    I may just be overthinking it but it doesn't quite make spatial sense for me - it might have to do with the white and the gray staying the same across the screens. When the first "Foundations" card is clicked, my brain is expecting the card to fill the whole screen and the elements appear to take their place accordingly, but the background color still stays gray which feels a bit weird.

    I hope that made sense.

  2. The timing generally feels great! I like how the floaty doo-dad's zoom with the card.

    +1 to @koushik's comment about the spatial stuff. Maybe it needs a more obvious cue to make it clear you're traversing space, instead of a transition displacing and presenting a bunch of UI? Feels more like a state change rather that a sub-interface IMO. I'd expect the elements to scale up/down a bit to re-enforce the zoom effect.

  3. thanks @koushik & @pasquale!

    the card does become a bit more slender (to make room for the carousel cards to peek in from the screen edges) as it gets longer on the y axis. I wonder if that's defying expectation of how the card expands.

  4. I like how the animation gives contexts to the days.

    After going into the day I'm kinda at a loss when it comes to the single day view. What do I do next? What does the big 'Begin' button do? Where does it take me? What happens to that button once on the single day view?

    I think you've nailed the animation. Nice one man 😉

  5. Definitely feels more spatially cohesive

    Not completely obvious it’s swipeable? Maybe some hint to suggest it’s possible? Arrows?

  6. or those dot dot dot thingers like on the iOS springboard homescreen

  7. thanks @pasquale! yeah, we considered that, the concern was that those dots usually imply a sequence you're meant to swipe through from start to finish. but in this case, the initial card you're presented with is the current lesson in your progression, so the ability to access other days is there for people who want to redo a lesson or take a peek at lessons that are still locked

  8. woot woot, my brain is happy :) definitely makes more spatial sense

    what is still a little bit weird to me is the swipe transition between the days and how that doesnt really do anything to the little illustrative elements. How about rotate them a bit laterally in 3d space as you swipe left and right?

    Idk, just a suggestion.. that might also be too much though.

    btw, what was this prototyped in?

  9. thanks @koushik - yeah, having those elements react to the swipe could be a fun bit of interaction, maybe there's a subtle way to do it.

    I'm mocking this stuff up in AE


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