My personal website is finished.
Thank you Keyframes community for all the feedback! πŸ”₯

Some requirements I put on myself when designing the website:
- Every paragraph should be readable in under 10 seconds. Ain't nobody gotta time for that.
- Make it look great for phones first, desktop second.
- Emphasis on accessibility: readable in 4 different languages, big fonts.
My goal was to brag a bit about myself because that's what you do in portfolios.

Did I brag about myself just enough? After looking at the website, would you want to have a chat with me?


Fresh Top
  1. Short and concise, the way I like it babyyyy

    I feel like talking about your Minecraft channel in the same paragraph as your work experience might seem a bit unprofessional

    Keep up the good work bro

  2. Great body of work!

    I feel like the "active" state for a highlighted project needs some more contrast against inactive. To really drive home the exotic navigation you've implemented.

    Maybe a slight background tint behind the project that's "active"?

    Would also consider adding a line of copy mention what type of projects you'd like to work on specifically (or people). I think that would help make it actionable and have people want to have a chat with you!

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