Working on a landing page for a personal transport company and trying to squeeze all this content "above the fold" (don't ask). Anything that really stands out to you that I should fix?

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  1. I would add an arrow or some kind of indicator to the big orange "Book a transfer now" button because it didn't hit me as a button at first!

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  3. I'm with @wojtek concerning the red box, it feels more like a text box than a clickable element, maybe detach it from the right side of the screen, (adding a very fuzzy shadow might make it stand out as well).

    The red vertical metro line draws my eye towards the boxes at the bottom, if that's the intention, great, but maybe it should be drawn to the big red button box?

  4. Rik: thanks for the feedback! Booking button is actually not what they want right now — they're mostly getting their booking through third-party integrations and "Book now" is actually secondary feature. It's supposed to be more of a B2B oriented page that gets large corporates interested.


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