⭐️ What the heck are stars?

You may have noticed a little star and a number next to your profile picture.

Stars represent Karma on Keyframes. You can give and receive Karma to your fellow Keyframers by clicking the star on a post or comment. Leave as many as you like.

Run outta Karma? Don't worry, you can always receive more by being active on Keyframes!


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  1. What a fun idea! Thanks Staff!

  2. Btw, when we say leave as many as you like, you can leave multiple if you really appreciate something!

  3. Really impressed how quickly you guys are throwing out updates. Do you ever sleep?

  4. Thanks @mikeyd We got a tiny international team, so we're really working around the clock!

  5. This is definitely an interesting concept. Is the point to get people to post content more, or to only give karma to things they really like? Do you build karma by just posting, or by people starring your comments/posts? Also, what do you think about giving karma for chat comments as well?

  6. @louie by making stars limited, it makes them worth something. Other social networks make likes infinite, so every like/heart/whatever you leave on something dilutes the pool, and really feels less meaningful.

  7. I've been thinking about karma for chat comments too!!!!

  8. 6
  9. Stars remind me of Flipnote hatena, I love it.

  10. 3
  11. Put these babies on the blockchain!

  12. Is there designated topics for discussion? Or is it just anything that’s appropriate?

  13. @iitsreece This place is generally for talking about what you're working on, inspiration, and hanging out. We're pretty loose here, but we try and keep things related to creativity!

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