Light mode vs Dark Mode

What's your preference?

Specify if you're a designer or a developer


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  1. DARK FTW, I design ...and write some code

  2. Light when the sun's out, dark otherwise. 80/20 designer/developer.

    Wish more things had both and switched automatically.

  3. Dark mode for anything creative, and I'm starting to think I prefer light mode for anything admin, or housekeeping related.

  4. Interesting... I almost always prefer light mode. It takes more effort to use the same apps in dark mode vs light mode for me.

  5. Same as @mike — dark for those dank creative endeavors

  6. Animate in Dark mode all day, every day.

  7. its funny. as a general rule i like dark mode, but sometimes the light themes are just better. twitter is an odd one example: their mobile app is great in dark mode but the website dark mode is pretty bad.

    just something about the palettes. its not as simple as making white black and black white!

  8. oh also im extremely a developer

  9. Dark mode all day, I'm both (mostly dev nowadays)

  10. 🌃 Dark, both for dev and design work.

    Side note, I’ve got a bunch of eye floaters in both eyes, in the left one they’re near the center and cluttered up, so reading or coding on a white background feels like I’m doing karaoke 🎤

  11. Dark Mode! I’m a designer and developer.

  12. Dark mode with contrast options (see Gruvbox -- Designer & developer.

  13. @jacob I still use dark mode on twitter. The whole place is a dumpster, so I don't mind that the palette is kinda weird. I'm happy they at least let you turn the lights off.

  14. Not a big fan of dark mode in design applications somehow - will try it again when Sketch will support it under Mojave

  15. dark for everything except youtube, pretty much; designer, and very rarely developer

  16. dark when developing, light when doing everything else; developer/designer 70/30

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