More PostPost logo ideas I've had on the burner. I need some help carving a better direction here.

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I'm trying to develop an original wordmark concept for PostPost, an small digital studio and publication.

I like the extended bar on the upper "P". I tried balancing it with extending something on the lower right but can't get anything to feel right. Would love some direction.


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  1. I like the top left one, as it feels most balanced, which is possibly where you could head with it.

    Many of them don't feel balanced and I think that's why you're not particularly sold on any yourself. With the name though you certainly have the chance to do something unique. If I were to give this ago, I'd be looking at trying to do an ambigram or some kind of reflected logo.

  2. I'd be interested in seeing some variations where you play with repeating words - maybe stagger/slot/compose them in some trippy echoey layouts?

  3. Good type

    For repeating words I like to animate or tween the two words joining and separating in different ways, then check out the frame-by-frame and you'd be surprised how many good ideas are generated for you!

  4. The option at the very bottom is visually interesting, since it starts to get to the balance you mentioned. It also adds meaning to the form...I'm thinking of 'turnaround' and 'deliverable' (something comes in, something comes out).

    In the bottom option, both S' don't seem to get along. Could the top S connect with the O to it's left? You have some 'flat-bottom' S options in the other options that could work.

    You might consider lifting an O from another typeface that's perhaps more 'squarish' (I think the right term is humanist lol) to help with the connections.

    This one comes to mind, but it's just an example

  5. Gosh, I love this! Such great ideas @amrit @jeffh @pasquale @steve. All of these give me more ammo to explore.

  6. I like @steve idea of playing with a reflection. It was the first thing that came to mind considering that most letters could be read eve if flipped vertically.

  7. @amrit @jeffh @pasquale @steve @madebysan Here is my further exploration I did based on the feedback: Pasquale this makes me think that it would be cool to have rebounds or ways to post iterations on a design in the same feedback comment section.

  8. Latest revision is a solid improvement - the negative space is much cleaner, everything reads better. Is the intention to always have white-on-black? If the logo was on a black and white printed document, for example, would you just invert the logo, or encase it in a black box?

    The logo looks much stronger now, but it doesn't tell me anything about the function of the service; not many clues that this is a service concerned with moving images, film, fx / animation etc.

    Are there any cinematic / photographic conventions that you could incorporate?

    RGB / CMYK / blur & Focus, frames etc

    Here are some suggestions:

  9. Monospacing the letters and using them to represent cells or frames could be a nice subtle way of saying "Animation / Things on a timeline"

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