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Does it look like shit or not?


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  1. Reads pretty easily!!

    Would consider adding something to the hero section to indicate that it's the _latest_ show? (is that true?)

    What's going on with the play button at the top?
    Is that tiling background constant or does it change with different artists?

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Good point on the latest show bit - probably more important than just repeating the musicians.

    The play button is part of a fixed player that will have the most recent episode available as an audio stream.

    The tile could be constant or change - depends on what marketing thinks. They're very opinionated where I work and will argue that's a decision I'm unable to make.

  3. Really like it! That pattern BG is groovy and fits this show's vibe. Nice typography, colors, layout. I'm a huge fan of Chris Thile FWIW.

    Hero: Agree w/ @pasql about being explicit that the hero is the latest show. At a glance you might interpret the hero to be the headliner, and the stuff beow to be supporting acts.

    Buttons: Why not make all the Buy Tickets buttons the same color, since they all do the same thing? Heck you might even be *more* likely to be shopping for a show further out than the one happening next. Also seems like all the buttons along the right should have the same size and alignment w/ the one in the hero, given they're already so close. And is there no "More Info" needed for the hero?

    Last updated: Feel like it should be centered, based on things like the "Full tour" sub-header and the alignment of stuff in the footer.

    Date format: I would use the same format in the list as the hero. Personally I'm partial to writing it out like you have in the hero as long as there's room, which I think there is.

    I start to wonder how some of these things will translate to mobile. I wouldn't be surprised if a page like this will have more mobile than desktop users, so I'd say nail it on mobile before perfecting it on desktop.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, Justin! I didn't realize the hero image was vague and am glad to be able to clear that up before it heads to production.

  5. Update: we launched the site and implemented your button feedback. There's still lots of things to fix but the core of the site is there which is good!

  6. Looking good! FWIW seems odd that the upcoming show on mobile loses its Buy Tickets button and date.

  7. Good spot! It's a development bug I've been nagging our engineers about for a while; I have a tough time getting devs to adhere to wireframes. I've also got these devs that wanna be designers but not in a collaborative sense so they just make decisions w/o telling me and I have to play "Where's Waldo" to spot gnarly UX things after every product launch. Thanks again for your feedback, Justin! It is appreciated for sure


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