Practicing to make pins looks like real. Struggles:
1. Red contrast and relationship between fill and border. How to make better highlight?
2. Blue pin, highlight looks fake af. How to improve it, being limited to Sketch tool?

Real look.

Color, highlights, gradient.


Fresh Top
  1. Color use so far is very familiar.

    - Sharpen those highlights I think the highlights/reflections could be less gradient like.

    - Look at real objects and see how light after reflecting on something takes on a different color (I believe it's called indirect illumination, google images has some nice results).

    - Light could be shining straight through the blue orb and the orb could function as a lens, could be cool to add that lens effect next to the orb.

    I would advise to look up some 3d renders of orbs of different materials and use those as a guideline.

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