Hello all! First time poster here. This is part of a series I'm currently working on where I explore combinations of architectonic elements in a moving grid as a way to create spatial compositions. I use time to drive a lot of the parameters of my system, and animations help me explore options that have continuous values.

Additionally, I made a twitter thread to show the modules used in isolation:


Fresh Top
  1. Love it. So satisfying to look at. Like how they scaling up and down based on the distance.

  2. 1
  3. Whoaaaa, this is really impressive. Could imagine this is being a fun mechanic for a video game, where you have to traverse the terrain as it jiggles around

  4. Thanks all! @pasquale you're the second person to mention this! I'm definitely adding it to my [oh so long] todo list that I draw my dailies from.

  5. this is suuuper dope man. Such a cool & unique style bruv

  6. This is Sim City on acid


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