Designers feedback wanted

I'm working on an new icon for

My colleage, product designer suggest the app icon should keep the shape of the "Character" "avoiding gradients as much as possible": so...

This is what I got so far which i think is a way better direction...

I really need a second and third opinion.

A redesign of a icon. To make it look cute but smart.

To have confidence that my direction is better than the one my team is suggesting.


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  1. I think your direction follows IOS icon standards much better. Gradients are on literally every IOS stock icon right now, and adding dimension on the sides is not. You can layer on the inside of the app icon, but the outside becomes more of a container and less of an object itself with IOS 12. On your colleague's design, the edges distract from the face because of their high contrast. Removing them would help highlight the face and would help simplify the design.

    From the guidelines, I think yours has a better focus point and embraces the simplicity

    I enjoy your first app icon, because of the little highlights under the eyes and bottom of the mouth, but the second one has a more subtle gradient and simple detail that looks better with IOS in my view.

    Great work!! I hope that helps you feel more confident about your design

  2. I think you've really brought some life into this icon treatment. Great work. I really dig the first icon. The lighter eyebrows and highlights around the eyes give it an acceptable "toon" aesthetic. (nice call out @wwood) I also appreciate the highlights on the eyes. They are top and center - giving the character more of an eager yet, honest expression - probably a good thing for an app that handles your money.

    The only thing I would try is perhaps lightening the gradient on the first icon just a tad. Initially, the third character treatment caught my eye because of the green.

    Great work!

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