Did a few random/for fun sci-fi illustrations and then decided to piece them together.


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  2. Thank you both! Y'all are amazing. I originally animated it to music if you're curious:


  3. I absolutely love this. The textures create so much space in the composition. And of course the music takes it to a whole new level.

    We really gotta get video posts working in here soon :)

  4. That would be amazing Pasquale! I'm already super impressed with this platform though, such a dope idea. I put the word out to all of the animators i know to sign up. Cheers! Also, does @mentioning work yet?

  5. I could stare at this for a while! Music works so well with it.

  6. @ac THANKYOU!

    mentions will work soon, and we'll make sure they work for all past posts too!

  7. I'd suggest moving at a different pace and timing the spaceships/cars that are flying in the background. It's 'easy' to follow their linear path, that would make it a bit more organic. Other than that, the style looks awesome!

  8. @ac Dope Shit! I especially love the background vehicles, subtle but effective.

  9. That's really awesome! Amazing art direction

  10. Thanks so much everyone! I'm truly feeling the love as I'm *easing in* to keyframes. #blessup

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