I'm working on a macOS electron app for Keyframes. It'll be open sourced later today. Trying to give back to the community here and help create something awesome together.

Here is the repo: https://github.com/jdsimcoe/keyframes/.

You can download the 0.1.0 binary here: https://github.com/jdsimcoe/keyframes/releases.

I would love feedback on this.

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I'm trying to build a native Electron macOS app for the Keyframes community.

I could specifically use feedback about the application functionality, and app icon. This is all very much a WIP.


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  1. amazing!!!!!

    we could add a flag that removes chat from the layouts, and you could open https://keyframes.net/chat in a separate window/pane. perhaps a menubar window?

    similar for specifically loading https://keyframes.net/activity maybe?

  2. @jacob Love those thoughts. I'm a relative newbie when it comes to Electron but it could be cool to have that stuff togglable. I might pick your guys' brains at some points about commands in the codebase you have to enable/unlock some of this stuff.

  3. I'm a sucker for standalone browser apps.

    I would maybe hide the logo. If you have the app open, you know where you is. And would fix the friction between the logo and window controls. I like how Basecamp's Electron app does this.

  4. LET ME KNOW if you want any assets / help. I will happily make things to help you make this great. I am so excited for this.


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