What do you listen to while working?

I'm building a music app that will have different playlists to get you in the zone while working.

What do you usually listen to when you're in your flow state designing/coding/writing/clicking/tapping?

YouTube or Spotify links appreciated!


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  1. Deep house, Techno, Eminem :D


    Also check out my "music for designers" playlist on spotify (sort by date added): https://open.spotify.com/user/jonnotie/playlist/290VdWk8yqy11qctNwEDAd?si=Ifoz7h8IQl2UA6EZobla5g

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  4. brain.fm and really bad metal

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  7. When I need to think: silence, piano, lounge or chillout.

    When the heat is on: D&B, chiptune, explicit rap (the more over the top the better).

  8. An album I’m familiar with, can be anything, played on loop. The more novel it is the more it distracts from my flow.

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  12. Rachmaninoff 2 & 3 is good if I need help getting into a flow.


  13. Ratatat is always a safe go-to. Justice when things are getting intense.

    I always have a couple available playlists of ambient music with no vocals, and piano music with no vocals.

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  15. Starfunkel mixtapes on youtube are lit

  16. Brain.fm, LoFi Hip-Hop, Nujabes and weirdly, like @ian Rachmaninoff too.

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  21. Animal crossing music to the hour really helps put you into robot mode. Highly recommend.


  22. on productive days - nothing, post rock or podcasts
    on less productive days - my gf

  23. Mindless work stuff = general listening - indie, folk, hip hop, lo-fi, electronic, rock...

    Work stuff I really need to concentrate on = lyricless lo-fi stuff or videogame/movie soundtracks (specifically legend of zelda soundtracks)

  24. BUMP! Share your favorite music to work with.

  25. Nothing playing when I really need to think - otherwise lo-fi/chill (no lyrics), or sound tracks (recently has been Halt & Catch Fire).

  26. I like to listen to podcasts, but that can be difficult depending on what I'm working on. Spotify has some decent playlists, and their Discovery Weekly has been serving up more instrumental tracks lately which has been a win.

    I've found videogame and some movie scores are also great.

  27. Actually, Aurora.
    I like to listen to « enthousiastic music ». I’ve listen too much bad mood o.s.t and i can’t do it now ;)

  28. A friend of mine listens to whale sounds while they code. Not really for me, but, uhh, I guess it must help some people get into the zone.

    (Surprisingly, this is not a troll)

  29. I have a playlist called CUERPO with some electronic mantric tunes - https://itunes.apple.com/nl/playlist/cuerpo/pl.u-DdANvpouqN5Gy4?l=en it feels like deep diving into a state of atavic flow

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  31. This is awesome, I'm stealing all your playlists. I was stuck in a discover weekly/nostalgic pop punk/disney playlist loop for a while there so needed this!

  32. Koreless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gpyCsCpH2Q
    Lorn: https://lorn.bandcamp.com/
    The Haxan Cloak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f32WA5xQcQ0&t=1935s
    Alessandro Cortin: https://soundcloud.com/alessandrocortini/sets

    I don't use Spotify nor Apple Music. I usually buy their music through Bandcamp, direct website, Amazon, or rip direct from CDs.

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  34. Just found http://www.line.fm on producthunt and it is awesome!

  35. I listen to dub techno. It feels like you're in between clouds and its not annoying while still giving you a great vibe. https://m.soundcloud.com/hello_strange/g-day-hello-strange-podcast-351-live this soundcloud channel is great

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  37. Depends on my mood but I go between electroswing, trance, industrial and videogame OSTs. If I'm animating something more repetitive or something i've done a lot, I like to listen to podcasts

    Electroswing: https://open.spotify.com/user/soundrop/playlist/7vuWhXjchGOBwvHbHcnbq9?si=19rG8yjgSAuYIk5JXEQyyQ

    Deep Focus: https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/37i9dQZF1DWZeKCadgRdKQ?si=WiDY1qveTZKDR9L9D_2xgg

    Industrial: https://open.spotify.com/user/darklark/playlist/7JFbHdM6wXIJhb67N7f0Ct?si=VjKceZEIShyy4s4fJt0awA

  38. I have a 'Soundtrack & Orchestra' playlist on Spotify that I like to listen to while working. It's not all strictly orchestral, but that vibe of lyric-less and somewhat ambient music often gets me in the zone.


  39. I find one or two songs, and loop them. This week it's Tribe - Bas + J Cole (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA8aw07dpg0) if it's a chill vibe, but if I'm working towards a deadline it's this on repeat (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGV9rFA-tRk)


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