Adobe Creative Cloud 2019. Thoughts? Experiences? Dreams?

Thoughts on the new features in Creative Cloud 2019? Anything you're really blown away by? Here's some Thursday Hot Takes™ to start:

Photoshop - Kinda funny to see them adopt the scaling methodology that Affinity has been using (images scale proportionally by default). Not sure why that hasn't been a thing for a long time.

Illustrator - People are flipping out over free-form gradients. They're cool, but I haven't encountered much else that seems like a big win.

InDesign - Some of the automation stuff seems like it will actually help. They've added some "machine learning" to better help with auto image placement, and InD can now

As is typical with Adobe launches, it feels like they've added some neat things I won't use and ignored some easy wins.


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  1. I haven’t been paying attention at all, so I appreciated your summary. 🙂

  2. OVerall - nice to see new splash screen images =)

    AE - haven't noticed much for my workflow.

    Premier - lumetri looks sexy.

    Photoshop - ok, what happened?

    Illustrator - presentation mode!!!!! trim artboard!!! - that's huge for me, as it's so handy now to preview the work.

    Other changes I did not encounter yet. No bugs, crashes etc was spotted apart from plugin reinstalls and updates, but that's ok.


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