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Personal website

It's hard to have a portfolio website based on the type of design work I do on a daily basis and the clients I work with.

Do I create new works to showcase on a portfolio website?

Do I sanitize some of the screens/photos from events and show off those?

Is it a combination of both?

Or just link to my social media and forget about having that stuff online?

Essential Graphics

This may seem like a pretty noob question, but does anyone know of a way to use After Effects Essential Graphics to replace a jpeg image asset in a template.
Basically i have about 110 slides of speakers that need to pop up at a conference. A lot of the info is the same but speaker image and name will need to change for sure. I want to make a template to use in premiere but cant work out how to add a property to swap out the jpeg of the speaker.
Anyone well versed in essential graphics panel can tell me if this is even possible???

Best way to display number of selected objects in a Status Bar?

I am thinking ways to display number of selected objects on my application Status Bar.
The application is basically a gird view of objects and I intend to show the number of objects listed as well as the number of objects selected by the User.

I browsed through multiple apps and found various implementations e.g.
Windows Explorer - (100 items, 2 selected)
Gmail - 2 of 100
Powerpoint - Slide 1 of 10
MacOS Finder - 2 of 100 selected
Ubuntu - 100 items

I couldn't clearly derive a best approach. Some applications are using Items and Selected keys, some show just the numbers.

What do you guys think. From a user's point of view, what is more relatable?

Designers feedback wanted

I'm working on an new icon for https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spiir/id441748209?mt=8.

My colleage, product designer suggest the app icon should keep the shape of the "Character" https://cl.ly/7c858094ebe6 "avoiding gradients as much as possible": so... https://cl.ly/1e48625d6782

This is what I got so far https://cl.ly/814ad263beb5 which i think is a way better direction...

I really need a second and third opinion.

A redesign of a icon. To make it look cute but smart.

To have confidence that my direction is better than the one my team is suggesting.

What do you think of the latest Animate CC update?

I've never used Animate CC in any serious capacity, because it was utterly horrible. I would usually use Flash 2015 for my 2D animation purposes. For the past 2 years I'd been waiting for them to fix all the stupid stuff about Animate, and I noticed with this latest update, it's quite good.. like better than Flash was, so I'm pretty thrilled about that.

My fav new things:
-layer parenting (blessing and curse: it can be toggled keyframe to keyframe)
-improved brush tool performance, they simplified the smoothing to only 5 settings, which is weird, but I think it'll work for me.
-if you change the FPS, there's a new checkbox for expanding frame spans if you want to bump your 1s animation into a 2s setup, etc. Can be useful.
-general stability and responsiveness

Cool things that don't work very well yet:
-automatic lip syncing (very cool idea, but you have to have some super clearly articulated audio for it to really work, and it's clunky, but it may be useful for some...

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Adobe Creative Cloud 2019. Thoughts? Experiences? Dreams?

Thoughts on the new features in Creative Cloud 2019? Anything you're really blown away by? Here's some Thursday Hot Takes™ to start:

Photoshop - Kinda funny to see them adopt the scaling methodology that Affinity has been using (images scale proportionally by default). Not sure why that hasn't been a thing for a long time.

Illustrator - People are flipping out over free-form gradients. They're cool, but I haven't encountered much else that seems like a big win.

InDesign - Some of the automation stuff seems like it will actually help. They've added some "machine learning" to better help with auto image placement, and InD can now

As is typical with Adobe launches, it feels like they've added some neat things I won't use and ignored some easy wins.

Anyone working as a Contractor?

Anyone working as Contractors?

This agency reached out to me because they need help with creating simple animated illustrations and they want to hire me as a contractor.

They have sent me a contract with fancy legal terms and I’m confused. I don’t have prior experience working as a contractor, so I don’t know what needs to be and don’t be in the contract.

Do you have experience working as a contractor? What are the things that needs to be present or removed from the contract?

Any recommendations of an electronic music instrument that can work as a stand-alone device?

I make electronic music but I feel very distracted by the workflow of a laptop and a mouse and a keyboard. I hate MIDI controllers and working with MIDI in general because of the lack of depth in the sound, also because there's very little "music" in it, and more like editing.

I'm looking for some device or setup that I can use live or in studio, something like the Akai MPC series or the Octatrack.

Are we entering the Darkmode Age?

What are your thoughts on the darkmode frenzy sweeping the nation? What are your favorite examples of good (or bad) darkmode? How much of this is being driven by OLED screens, and how much is just that our eyes are constantly strained from crying? Will darkmode-first design be worse or better re: accessibility standards? How will darkmode affect the vibe and culture of various platforms (web and native)? Imagine how silly the endless blown-out white-on-cream-on-white Scandinavian x Muji minimalist lifestyle photos will look inside a dark chrome. Is this appropriating goth culture?