Hey, we released new Documents Update with Video Player I've worked on. Our goal was to empower native player with some cool feature.

I'm still not sure about our visual choices (though we made literally 200+ iterations). I want to hear any feedback about it.

Free Download: https://itunes.apple.com/ua/app/documents-by-readdle/id364901807


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  1. Make a stroke width, corner radius, and level of detail consistent across all of your icons.

    Subtitles icon right now looks too complicated compared to the AirPlay's one. For example, you can re-use roundrect from AirPlay icon and create your Subtitles bubble from it.

    When you work on icon set, try to come up with re-usable modules, just like in UI design.

  2. I think the text description could probably benefit from being inside the player box. It kinda gets lost in the background because of the variable contrast

  3. @darkwark hey, missed your message! Totally agree. We just took the iconset from native iOS, but I will personally revisit it and make it consistent.

    P.S.: big fan of your work. You're awesome designer!

  4. @pasquale It's a feature, not a bug 🙂 I've thried your option, but I changed it to this one. I think it should look a bit "lost", because the information is just a reminder and is used mostly to navigate through a lot of system files (it's a file manager first of all).

    While being inside the box, it takes too much space and attention, while also destabilizing the whole composition.

  5. I think you should still consider legibility. What happens if you play a video with an extremely light or white background? The type will be completely lost.

    if it's a "file" manager should you not be able to know what the name of...the file is?

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