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All posts tagged “3d”

Hello guys!
I'm on a fun way to get in and learn about the universe of 3D illustration. This has been a lot of fun for me in the last few months, it's been incredible and here are my best works so far.

There are many tutorials spread across the internet, especially YouTube. And if you know how to look for the right content, you can learn many different techniques very quickly.
However, non-technical tutorials like composition, colors, lighting theory etc are less common.

So I would like to ask you where to find the best resources on these subjects and others related to 3D illustration.

I want to know where to find non-technical tutorials on composition, lighting, colors, rendering etc.

Paid thing: Who wants to texture a pretty simple 3D object?

I have a full Solidworks model (VRML) of the exterior of my company's product, but I need it to be simplified and textured so that I can work with it in Cinema 4D and Unity.

The device is pretty simple. It has about eight faces and is made out of aluminum and plastic with a couple glass panes. I just don't know how to deal with the complexity of the object that Solidworks spat out.

If anybody wants to take on this quick gig for pay, let me know. An NDA would be required.

I'm assembling a team. Hit me with an email if you match any of these roles, or you know somebody who does: [email protected]

Hey everyone - this is my first post here! And fitting that this is an early experiment / tutorial i've been doing in soft body dynamics in Cinema 4D - I'm putting the time aside to really get stuck into 3D!

Neat little interactive video thing. Model taken from the facility engineer's remarkably detailed CAD file. Styled and animated in Blender. Exported to video, embedded in this little chunk of HTML and controlled via JS. Had some help w/ Blender and the JS stuff, neither of which I'm amazing at myself.

Not quite finished, but staging copy is at http://windshear.pricelessmisc.com/#facility

Maybe a little over the top but it was fun!

Trying to visualize a fairly abstract thing, and list out its key specs, in a way that doesn't feel like reading a technical manual (cuz that's already available by request). Basically help an already-somewhat-savvy customer of this kind of thing quickly determine if it's for them.

Sacrificing clarity for flash? Text sizing/proportion? Movement from point to point? Usability? Generally I'm just too close to it anymore to see it objectively.