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All posts tagged “after-effects”

Essential Graphics

This may seem like a pretty noob question, but does anyone know of a way to use After Effects Essential Graphics to replace a jpeg image asset in a template.
Basically i have about 110 slides of speakers that need to pop up at a conference. A lot of the info is the same but speaker image and name will need to change for sure. I want to make a template to use in premiere but cant work out how to add a property to swap out the jpeg of the speaker.
Anyone well versed in essential graphics panel can tell me if this is even possible???

JibJab introduces GifGab – the quick and quirky, custom GIF-maker.

Check out the latest custom GIF maker from JibJib Media. GifGab lets you create funny, fast, and free custom GIFs to make your friends and family laugh!

I'm a designer/illustrator who has traditionally done traditional branding/marketing/advertising work over the years, but the last 3 or 4 years, most of my work has been GIF making. I'm playing and learning out of curiosity and necessity (while enjoying the process at the same time).

I saw a request by @pasquale to post work for input so, I'm doing just that. Here's a small collection of gifs/stickers I've made for Jib Jab. Any kind of feedback/insight is welcome. I started my GIF game doing work for Denny's Diner Tumblr page, but over the past year or so have been focusing more on character animations for Jib Jab's sticker apps.

I'm trying to make quick, effective, funny GIF loops that feel natural yet purposeful in their movements. They need to always be FUN!

I'd love to know what your gut reactions are to this. I'm semi-limited by photo assets with each character, but what else can i do to "enhance" or improve this approach.

2018-08-18 00-46-47

This is just a work in progress for someone named Specular, since Specular means "relating to or having the properties of a mirror", I wanted to mess with mirroring the shapes quite a bit and boy am I happy with the result! Let me know what you guys think, thanks!