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All posts tagged “agency”

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Working on revamping our homepage. We're a digital agency with about 15 employees. Focusing both on our local market and some bigger international clients with returning business.

For reference the current homepage:

Local business has slowed down a bit so we've come up with some new angles for our marketing and messaging. Budget range of local projects(converted to USD) is between 3k - 8k. With the local focus it is important to look approachable and creative but not too expensive. Our new 'hook' is: "Become the hero of your online success story". Basically we help our clients achieve success with our help to improve their online presence.

The top section of the website has a background video.
The footer with the boat is animated. That used to be the opening of our homepage (has been the opening for about 10 years actually, upgraded from Flash to HTML5) so kinda one of those things people don't want to let go...

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Working on revamping our homepage to reel in more local business by giving a better sense of who we are and what we can do for them.

- Does it look more inviting than the old design?
- Should I add a section to the homepage with a listing of 'all' our services (instead of just the 3 categories)?
- Does it match our budget range (3k - 8k) or does it look cheap/expensive?