Weekly animation practice ideas.

3d, 2d, stop motion, cutout or any kind of media you prefer.
Basically it would be to improve basic skills and move into more complicated stuff since there are a couple of ¨how do I get started¨posts on animation.

In these weeklies we could learn from each other and provide examples, resources and feedback. Almost like our little own animation mentor. Have been thinking about it and Pasquale confirmed it with that cool animation feedback video.

It could be something of the sort:

Part 1 - Basics

-Bouncing ball (timing spacing, smear frames, arcs)
-Bouncing ball with tail (timing, spacing, secondary action)
-Moving bouncing ball-rebound
-Different bouncing ball weights ping pong, bowling ball, tennis, balloon (weight)

-Flour sack jump (weight, volume, mass distribution)
-Flour sack walk / run / strut / sneak
-Flour sack gymnastics
-Flour sack dance (attitude, staging, extremes)

-Hips and legs movement (Analyzing and breaking down video reference)

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