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All posts tagged “app”

More of the things you love in a single productivity app | Spike

Spike focuses on the features that save you time. Unified inbox, team collaboration, real-time awareness & more in a single productivity app.

Check out this app called Spike!

It turns your existing email into a chat like conversation.

It has a lot of unique features like: encryption, snooze, amazing search capabilities, voice and video calls, unified inbox with all of your accounts, and it organises my emails automatically into the ones that are important and the ones that are not (like newsletters and various unknown senders).

I also love that it is “conversation” like mail so the layout is really easy to read and follow.

It supports multiple types of accounts (Gmail, Office365 (e.g Outlook), Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo and any IMAP account and is available on all platforms (web, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android).

I'm building a Mac menu bar app which connects with popular todo apps and display your current task. By seeing it all the time you always know what you should be doing instead of procastinating 😅

When you hit "Refresh Tasks" button, loading animation of a post-it begins.

What do you think about the animation?

Designers feedback wanted

I'm working on an new icon for https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spiir/id441748209?mt=8.

My colleage, product designer suggest the app icon should keep the shape of the "Character" https://cl.ly/7c858094ebe6 "avoiding gradients as much as possible": so... https://cl.ly/1e48625d6782

This is what I got so far https://cl.ly/814ad263beb5 which i think is a way better direction...

I really need a second and third opinion.

A redesign of a icon. To make it look cute but smart.

To have confidence that my direction is better than the one my team is suggesting.

Amazon Redesign

So here's the thing... I love Amazon. Hit the buy button, and two days later I've already got the item in hand? Incredible. Their mobile app design? Not so much...

So here's the thing... I love Amazon. Hit the buy button, and two days later I've already got the item in hand? Incredible. Their mobile app design? Not so much...

Just for fun, I thought I would take a stab at simplifying the design, and hopefully improve the form AND function.

Let me know what you guys think!

Working on improving the Amazon app shopping experience. Hopefully simplifying the UI, but still keeping the functionality.

Where do you think things could be improved that I haven't touched on yet? Or what do you think could improve even further that I DID redesign?

Sup ya'll, found this site from a twitch stream by the maker.

I am building a web app for helping people pack their luggage easier.

I am also tweeting the process of building this app on my twitter as well! twitter.com/yongelee_

Create a platform that helps people pack their luggage.

Design, layout, ideas.

I am doing some web-development for a customer and he doesn't like the header design I have currently created. I am trying to follow the F shaped pattern of reading for the header but I am open to suggestions.

He wanted something very straight to the point without "fancy bells or whistles" but something that makes the logo stand out to the customer when they first land on the page.

I am currently working on the design of everything else but need to focus time on the header now. I was thinking about putting the logo dead-center and links around it - does anybody have any other suggestions?

The app icon I landed on for Keyframes macOS (thus far) is the 3rd one from the left. Not 100% sold on it, but wanted to get some feedback. Still exploring.

Captured with Snapper App

I'm trying to develop an icon that feels true to Keyframes and captures it's playful delight, and that also feels at place in the macOS dock. I know this can be pushed further but I was hacking around late last night and wanted to have something to get the alpha going.

What is working, what is not? Specifically, should the direction try to infuse the shape-faces and bring more personality in? If so, how.

Hey, we're working on an email app called Tempo where we – for the sake of visual simplicity – are offering alternate versions of a lot of actions. When people hold alt/option ⎇ we show it like the sweet screengrab shows.

We want people to know that the alternate option exists, without cluttering the interface further. Right now it get's a little underline but that's clearly not enough.

How can we surface this feature better than replying to support mails with "You can do that, just hold alt/option ⎇, jeez"?

👋 all. I'm working on an icon for my new camera app and it's turning up to be the most dividing issue in the whole process. Every person has either strong pros or cons for it. Would love to hear your thinking behind this.

Help me create great app icon for camera based app.

Whatever comes to mind.