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All posts tagged “color”

Any feedback on how could I tweak/harmonize the songsling.io color scheme?

These are the colors in the "theme" I'm using now, plus some randomized ones:

purple: 'rgba(41,42,109,1)',
softPurple: 'rgba(41,42,109,0.1)',
backgroundPink: 'rgba(219, 112, 190, 0.65)',
paleVioletRed: 'rgba(219, 112, 147, 1)',
softLime: 'rgba(0,255,0,0.6)',
brightAzureBlue: 'rgba(116, 227, 236, 1)',

Video: https://twitter.com/haywirez/status/1048906492630523904
Site: https://songsling.io

extreme explosion of bright LSD vibe colors, maximum range

the composition, color palette

Hello guys!
I'm on a fun way to get in and learn about the universe of 3D illustration. This has been a lot of fun for me in the last few months, it's been incredible and here are my best works so far.

There are many tutorials spread across the internet, especially YouTube. And if you know how to look for the right content, you can learn many different techniques very quickly.
However, non-technical tutorials like composition, colors, lighting theory etc are less common.

So I would like to ask you where to find the best resources on these subjects and others related to 3D illustration.

I want to know where to find non-technical tutorials on composition, lighting, colors, rendering etc.

Working on a simple color picker. Nothing too complicated, just need to pick colors for a layout tool. The native platform pickers either blow (Mac) or don't exist (Windows), so "have" to build my own.

What have you found valuable in color pickers you've used in the past? Are alternative color models valuable or are they just additional complexity? Do real pros just type in the hex values directly from memory instead?