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All posts tagged “design”

My favorite Design books

I often get asked about Design book recommendations, so I’ve put together a few of my favorite ones that somehow helped me to grow as a designer. You’ll noti...

I often get asked about 📚 Design book recommendations, so I’ve put together a few of my favorite ones that somehow helped me to grow as a designer. Hope you find it useful! 🤓

I'll keep updating the list as I remember/discover more.

ps: tell me your favorite ones, please!

Sharing some good readings and also getting more suggestions.

I want to know what books impacted you at a personal and professional level (design ones preferred)

Can you help with this?


For an insurance product, we have created a Pricing table to help user choose the plan that best meets his needs.

There is a landing page on the previous step giving more explanation about the product. They press a button to make a quote and they see this table.

At the bottom of the table, you can have more info about every feature included in the different plans.

What do you think of it?
The pricing table is available here: https://invis.io/C2NYQZRQ6AK

We want to make sure the prospect understands the product and can make a choice with ease

We want feedback about anything that can help. Structure, design, UX, copy, etc. Just shoot everything that comes to your mind

I am doing some web-development for a customer and he doesn't like the header design I have currently created. I am trying to follow the F shaped pattern of reading for the header but I am open to suggestions.

He wanted something very straight to the point without "fancy bells or whistles" but something that makes the logo stand out to the customer when they first land on the page.

I am currently working on the design of everything else but need to focus time on the header now. I was thinking about putting the logo dead-center and links around it - does anybody have any other suggestions?

Pumpkin Party

Experimenting with some lightning effects for this year's halloween campaign! More coming soon...

Experimenting with some lightning typography effects for this years halloween campaign! This is just a rough concept idea, but thought it turned out pretty cool.

Need to add more detail, and some hand drawn animated elements to add to the effect, but the Vegas effect is a good place to start!

P.S wanted to upload the original gif but file size limit is 5mb and I couldn't get it lower than 7 without ruining the quality! Any chance of a 10mb upload limit?

We keep making progress on the Race Calculator side project.

In this daily update, we're putting together the input controls, the results' table and porting the JavaScript prototype into React components.

Check it out: https://adrianmato.com/blog/worklog/race-calculator/#august-26-2018-at-1914

I'm trying to find a good compromise between something appealing but compact enough to show a lot of density of information on the results table.

I'd love to hear more ideas on how to display a compact enough table of times and also how you'd highlight the column with the desired pace time (selected by the user).

I'm also open to other aesthetics suggestions.

Hi! This is my first post it's nice to be part of this community that promotes feedback and collaboration.

I'm launching my website featuring some of the projects I've been working on. Have a look and share some feedback, please!! 🤗


I've just finished a Front-End Nanodegree at Udacity after spending the last 5 years working in Operations, Billing, and Customer Support. I'd be sharing some more side projects I'm working on, to grow my portfolio and hopefully get a junior position here in San Francisco,

Have a great day!

What would you call a post that is a response to another post? Trying to call it something else that makes it clear it's not a "comment"

Captured with Snapper App

Making linked response posts for comments which would be more in depth than a regular text comment.

E.g. I post some character animation I'm working on, and someone responds with a video suggesting some tweaks.

What would you call this type of post? It doesn't have to be user facing - we just like making sure to name stuff well in our product.

The best I have is "response post"

Is it obvious it links to another post?