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All posts tagged “gif”

I wanted little animated gifs as thumbnails for all my portfolio pieces.

To mock-up some ideas, I played around in Lightbox and came up with this. It’s an early idea representing “location based products.”

One day, it will be a looping animation thumbnail for my online portfolio, representing a series of my location-based products at my previous job.

It’s meant to be a hand tossing a location pin, which then ripples outward to then reset.

Not sure where to take this.
- The hand motion is not natural at all... how should I approach this in the final piece?
- Any and all thoughts are welcome on this early work

Hi! This is my first post it's nice to be part of this community that promotes feedback and collaboration.

I'm launching my website featuring some of the projects I've been working on. Have a look and share some feedback, please!! 🤗


I've just finished a Front-End Nanodegree at Udacity after spending the last 5 years working in Operations, Billing, and Customer Support. I'd be sharing some more side projects I'm working on, to grow my portfolio and hopefully get a junior position here in San Francisco,

Have a great day!

Super plain Jane, but for a quick text overlay for the video I'm adding things to. Added little touches like:

• Rubber-banding the middle bar
• Some overshooting with the text movement
• Subtle pulses for emphasis when checking things off

Quietly proud of how the shield logo fades in somewhat unnoticed since there's a lot going on in "center stage" plus with how the waterfall of timing is sequenced.

_**P.S.** Markdown support would be super dope 😉_