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All posts tagged “help”

Designers feedback wanted

I'm working on an new icon for https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spiir/id441748209?mt=8.

My colleage, product designer suggest the app icon should keep the shape of the "Character" https://cl.ly/7c858094ebe6 "avoiding gradients as much as possible": so... https://cl.ly/1e48625d6782

This is what I got so far https://cl.ly/814ad263beb5 which i think is a way better direction...

I really need a second and third opinion.

A redesign of a icon. To make it look cute but smart.

To have confidence that my direction is better than the one my team is suggesting.

Need help manipulating a component in FramerX
import * as React from "react"; import { PropertyControls, ControlType } from "framer"; import { Chat } from "./canvas"; const style: React.CSSProperties = { height: "100%", display: "flex", alignItems: "center", justifyContent: "center", textAlign: "center", color: "#8855FF", background: "rgba(136, 85, 255, 0.1)", overflow: "hidden", }; // Define type of property interface Props { text: string; } export class embedTest extends React.Component<Props> { // Set default properties static defaultProps = { text: "Hello World!" } // Items shown in property panel static propertyControls: PropertyControls = { text: { type: ControlType.String, title: "Text" }, } render() { return <div style={style}> {this.props.text} <Chat /> </div>; } }

I'm trying to manipulate the properties of Chat , a "design" component in FramerX. I've imported it, and it renders.

What's the best way to position it inside my embedTest component? I can pass props to it, but not all of them seem to work predictably?

Should I be positioning it inside a wrapper and manipulating that?

I wanna pin it to the left of the parent container, and have its position animatable.

Bit confused about how you're supposed to mix design & code components.

FramerX Source: https://cl.ly/79dbf10ab6b8
FramerX docs: https://framer.gitbook.io/framer/