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All posts tagged “javascript”

A tiny library I'm working on that allows declarative interaction patterns
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { ariaAutopilot.instruct({ '[role=tab]': { 'activate': 'context -> select', 'select': 'siblings -> deselect, set-script-focusable; context -> set-focusable; target -> show, set-focusable; target -> update-location', 'deselect': 'target -> hide, set-script-focusable', 'key_down': 'target -> focus', 'key_left': 'previous-sibling -> select', 'key_right': 'next-sibling -> select' }, '[role=tabpanel]': { 'target': 'origin -> select; context -> focus', 'key_up': 'origin -> focus' } }); });

This recipe automatically adds accessible tab interaction to the page. You simply define the correct HTML with the correct ARIA roles and the library handles it from there.