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Keyframes is a creative community. Share your #wip, get #feedback, find inspiration, and chat with people who make things. It is a bunker from the rest of the garbage internet. No popularity contests here. No circle jerks. No regular jerks. Just a wholesome place to shoot the shit and be real about what you’re making.

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Posting your WIP in public on Keyframes is awesome because you can get #feedback from people outside your circles.

However, the reality is that some projects and ideas are secret, and you might not want them to appear in the public stream. Soooooo.... we just added Private Posts to Keyframes, so you can collect feedback on a secret link.

It's available now for Plus members.

Here's a super duper secret private post you can peep at, to see it in action: https://keyframes.net/posts/private_kalysporandasheprovucoste

How would you describe Keyframes?

Starting to put together some thoughts on how we can express what makes Keyframes unique.

The current state of the internet is extremely broken. It's all one big shouting match, and a race to find the next piece of viral content, so you can get imaginary numbers to go up below your post.

We don't need any more networks with the goal of amassing literally every human (and non-human) on the planet. One is plenty.

Keyframes is different. Keyframes is a community. It's a community for makers. Aspiring makers. Successful makers. Makers who create visuals, write words or code.

Keyframes is open to everyone, but it isn't for everyone. You need to be nice. You need to contribute something. It could be something you've made, or some constructive feedback on something someone else made.

It's nice to get a million comments that say "SMOOTH" or "YASSS", but it's really not that useful. You can just send it to your parents if you want someone to tell you nice things (unless your...

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I want to express what makes Keyframes a unique place, especially to new users who haven't experienced the community yet.

Let me know if you have anything you would add!

Now we notify you about mentions / comments / karma on Keyframes.
We give you granular control. Get them as them instantly, as a daily digest, or not at all. 🤗

You can make adjustments in your settings

Shout out to @kyle for helping this happen.

Do you have enough control? Do you want more or less of something? Anything else you'd like to see?