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All posts tagged “logo”

Working on branding for the studio - trying to achieve something a little more alternative than the usual geometric sans, but running into a few problems:

- Spacing between the T and the R throws off the angles
- Bottom of the R breaks the overall shape of the logo, fixing it crops the R too Far.
- Have 'resolved' through the graphical treatments, but this still bothers me.

Looking for feedback, ways to improve the logo.
Logo is for an interactive / digital studio.

Areas of concern, improvements, your thoughts.
Animation Ideas

Thought I'd share a slice of what I've been working on. I'm currently as a museum and we'll sometimes to exhibit extensions to build on smaller exhibits or enhance visiting ones to fill in weak points.

We're about to feature a King Tut exhibit and created a scavenger hunt map for kids to play with. As part of that we created this fictional Young Archaeologist and Explorer Society that kids can be "inducted" into with an embossing stamp if they complete the challenges.

I'll be posting more finished stuff on my Dribble and Instagram if people are interested in seeing more!

More PostPost logo ideas I've had on the burner. I need some help carving a better direction here.

Captured with Snapper App

I'm trying to develop an original wordmark concept for PostPost, an small digital studio and publication.

I like the extended bar on the upper "P". I tried balancing it with extending something on the lower right but can't get anything to feel right. Would love some direction.

Another sketch / scribbble for the consulting company. I like this one the most, but I feel the lines are somewhat random and not very geometric. Thinking about aligning it to some grid that makes sense. Anyone got any tips how to make this better?

I'm trying to make this be more geometric and organized and I feel like it's somewhat random.

How to make it more organized — grid? Faux-grid? Circles?

This is a mark I'm playing with for a future publication (called PostPost). I started by playing with some type in Figma. Would love thoughts/suggestions.

Captured with Snapper App

I'm trying to create a simple, iconic mark to encapsulate a publication I want to launch in the future called PostPost.

I would love feedback on the weight, balance, and visual harmony of the mark and the overall direction?

Docuseries video bump thing for a friends new film. Still kinda working on the easing/timing. Could really use some advice, if anyone has any tips on handling curves/easing/etc in After Effects. I feel like I can picture the motion I want but can't quite get it worked out.