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All posts tagged “motion”

Pumpkin Party

Experimenting with some lightning effects for this year's halloween campaign! More coming soon...

Experimenting with some lightning typography effects for this years halloween campaign! This is just a rough concept idea, but thought it turned out pretty cool.

Need to add more detail, and some hand drawn animated elements to add to the effect, but the Vegas effect is a good place to start!

P.S wanted to upload the original gif but file size limit is 5mb and I couldn't get it lower than 7 without ruining the quality! Any chance of a 10mb upload limit?

Super plain Jane, but for a quick text overlay for the video I'm adding things to. Added little touches like:

• Rubber-banding the middle bar
• Some overshooting with the text movement
• Subtle pulses for emphasis when checking things off

Quietly proud of how the shield logo fades in somewhat unnoticed since there's a lot going on in "center stage" plus with how the waterfall of timing is sequenced.

_**P.S.** Markdown support would be super dope 😉_

Trying to push my Instagram account at the moment ready for the launch of my new site - thought it might be cool for everyone to post their pages on this thread so we can all follow each other (I know there was one similar of everyone introducing themselves, but not everyone left a link to their social media!)

I normally post random bits from what I've been working on (mainly design and animation) - here's a valentine's day post from earlier this year!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tom.d.shannon/

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