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All posts tagged “portfolio”

Personal website

It's hard to have a portfolio website based on the type of design work I do on a daily basis and the clients I work with.

Do I create new works to showcase on a portfolio website?

Do I sanitize some of the screens/photos from events and show off those?

Is it a combination of both?

Or just link to my social media and forget about having that stuff online?

Experiencing a Creative Block/ Lack of Inspiration - Help?

In an effort to rebuild a reel and portfolio for myself, I've gathered a fair amount (likely far too many) of ideas that I'd like to flesh out into a handful of personal projects.

I'm finding myself intimidated and overwhelmed by just starting, as each time I go to start, I can't seem to BE creative.

Would love some advice as to what you do when you've hit a creative block/ put too much on your plate.


Hi! This is my first post it's nice to be part of this community that promotes feedback and collaboration.

I'm launching my website featuring some of the projects I've been working on. Have a look and share some feedback, please!! 🤗


I've just finished a Front-End Nanodegree at Udacity after spending the last 5 years working in Operations, Billing, and Customer Support. I'd be sharing some more side projects I'm working on, to grow my portfolio and hopefully get a junior position here in San Francisco,

Have a great day!

My personal website is finished.
Thank you Keyframes community for all the feedback! 🔥

Some requirements I put on myself when designing the website:
- Every paragraph should be readable in under 10 seconds. Ain't nobody gotta time for that.
- Make it look great for phones first, desktop second.
- Emphasis on accessibility: readable in 4 different languages, big fonts.
My goal was to brag a bit about myself because that's what you do in portfolios.

Did I brag about myself just enough? After looking at the website, would you want to have a chat with me?

Jonny Belton – Product Designer

Design portfolio and design blog of Jonny Belton. Product design at InVIsion, previously Zendesk. Experience managing design teams, visual and ux for iPhone, iPad,...

Hey folks! I've been tweaking my portfolio site lately and would love for you to check it out, feedback appreciated 👊

Ultimately I'll be consolidating some of those screens into one as I add more work, and use gifs/movies of prototypes once I finish the prep.