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All posts tagged “processing”

[Discarded WIP]

Screwing around with visualizing my browser history...do you know of any projects that deal with your history? I've seen time management plugins and ad blocker plugins but I'm wondering if there is something less...utilitarian

Still iterating on my previous sketch. I've made some changes:
1. Slowly adding color as I experiment with how to include it in a nice way.
2. Trying out a different module other than the box. It's technically a squished box (cosine interpolation between top and bottom sides), going for a columnar proportion.
3. Added dashed lines + points as secondary elements in an otherwise too surface-based composition.

Here's a link to it in instagram (twitter compresses horribly) for a larger scale: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmyCfpTgV9o/?taken-by=wakemeatthree

These animations are leaning to be more speculative to design forms in architecture, but I try to make them appealing graphically to be appreciated by anyone.

Color, falloff transition, secondary/tertiary elements, view, anything that pops up.

Hello all! First time poster here. This is part of a series I'm currently working on where I explore combinations of architectonic elements in a moving grid as a way to create spatial compositions. I use time to drive a lot of the parameters of my system, and animations help me explore options that have continuous values.

Additionally, I made a twitter thread to show the modules used in isolation:

One of the outtakes that are < 5mb from my current explorations in the architectonic series. I've trying to induce more variable sparsity/density in different areas.

I would love to eventually put some colors on this, as I'm sensing the bnw palette is becoming too recurrent.