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All posts tagged “ui”

Made small concept of quick actions for Slack Call.

Just practicing to make pretty, eye-catching buttons. It shouldn't be really applicable to real application, just an "art" reason behind it.

How can I make it better?

Game UI kit (WIP).

A few weeks ago, I changed my career and started working as a UI designer at a game company. New area, new paradigms, many new concepts to learn.

One of these important things is the ability to illustrate certain elements at the interface of a game. So I decided to practice a little by designing a game UI kit. So, these are the first elements (I intend to make other components like buttons, modals, lists etc).

I would like to receive feedbacks on the work so far and mainly tips from game interface artists that can inspire me and that I can learn a little more from them.

Amazon Redesign

So here's the thing... I love Amazon. Hit the buy button, and two days later I've already got the item in hand? Incredible. Their mobile app design? Not so much...

So here's the thing... I love Amazon. Hit the buy button, and two days later I've already got the item in hand? Incredible. Their mobile app design? Not so much...

Just for fun, I thought I would take a stab at simplifying the design, and hopefully improve the form AND function.

Let me know what you guys think!

Working on improving the Amazon app shopping experience. Hopefully simplifying the UI, but still keeping the functionality.

Where do you think things could be improved that I haven't touched on yet? Or what do you think could improve even further that I DID redesign?

Exploring a little hover animation on the Keyframes mark.

I'm trying to infuse some playfulness into the Desktop app when you hover over the main logomark.

I would love to know what folks thing of this interaction. Is it annoying? Does it work? Is it too much?

I am doing some web-development for a customer and he doesn't like the header design I have currently created. I am trying to follow the F shaped pattern of reading for the header but I am open to suggestions.

He wanted something very straight to the point without "fancy bells or whistles" but something that makes the logo stand out to the customer when they first land on the page.

I am currently working on the design of everything else but need to focus time on the header now. I was thinking about putting the logo dead-center and links around it - does anybody have any other suggestions?

Hovers and portfolio sites aside, who wants to see a real life WIP flow/UI nightmare? 😏

Curious if feedback on that sort of thing is possible without actually playing around with UI.
There's a bunch of tech constrains (reusing components that are already in the codebase etc etc), but i'm deliberately not mentioning them.

Disclaimer 1: This will be tested on real people, like tomorrow - follow along to learn the results!
Disclaimer 2: All pixels are off, but we don’t care - it’s not dribbbbble 🎉

You have an ordered collection of images/videos that you submit for approval and might get feedback on. Feedback can be on an individual asset (for ex, adjust brightness on that photo) or about reordering the collection. User goal is to apply said feedback :)

How does it feel:
1. "Replace a piece" and “Manage: Reorder, Delete" being separated.
2. Actual feedback note is not visible in Manage section when you reordering/deleting.
3. Cucumbers with eyelashes or without?

In the last weeks I was working on a redesign of a game called Sniper 3D: Assassin.

Improve the game experience (architecture, rewards, aesthetics, interface etc)

Unfortunately, I can't show the whole process of this redesign, but since it is the first time I design an interface for a game, I would like feedbacks about the visual language that I adopted for this redesign.

My visual references varied from Battlefield to Call of Duty Black Ops. However, because the size of mobile devices, I was very concerned with the organization of content (presenting to the user only the elements that make sense to the context of the active menu), size of texts, graphic elements etc.

I hope that soon I can get authorization to publish the entire redesign process to ask for opinions on the whole process.